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About Raleigh Gun Show

Everyone loves a good gun show... and not the type you see at your local gym!!

Gun shows, especially in Raleigh, NC are growing with astonishing speed, largely fueled by the seemingly endless national level debate on both guns and the 2nd amendment.




The 2 largest Gun Shows in the Raleigh and surrounding area, listed in order of size, are:

The Dixie Gun and Knife Show (www.DixieGunandKnifeShow.com)


The C&E Gun Show

Your Own Raleigh Gun Show

With this much of a demand on all types of firearms, and all the associated accessories for them, it would seem that someone else could come in and set up their own gun shows in the area.. especially at the fairgrounds here in Raleigh, where there is obviously already a procedure and precedent for having them there..